Market views for coming days (Jul- Dec 2011)

Not much happening in markets.

  • FII buying – DII selling so market going nowhere.
  • Crucial 5600 on nifty if breaks then a sharp fall could lead to 5550-5480-5430-5365-5330 and above 5705 – 5720-5748-50(200DMA) this every body knows.
  • People were pessimistic at 5250 as were targeting 4800, now at 5650 they expecting 5900. Market always does what it has to do OFTEN the opposite.
  • This would be the last meaningful correction if it comes and then i personally expect a rally in markets as i expect USA to lift debt ceiling from $14Trillion . This would give boost to USA for spending more and giving QE2.5 or QE3 which would take our markets to 6200 breakout level 6400 and above that 6700/6900 and bullish sentiment could take it to 7200.
  • Since this rally would be on easy money and all European countries and USA will still not be out of woods and again there would be Financial crisis and market would crash in 2012-2013 which would be final crash of long term but would be painfull and harshfull as it can fall upto 90% also in this 2 years. Also as per supercycle as called in Elliot wave after 5th wave market needs correction and it will come. This may take our nifty to as low as 1800 and those lion hearts at that time who would invest at this levels would make 1000 times in next 5 years i.e invest in 2013 and exit at 2019-2020 at 12000 on nifty …….
  • You would think I am a jerk just writing but this is for every layman as he would not understand all the technical and financial terms. So currently think of medium term till Dec 2011 and keep profit booking every time you enter a trade and if possible keep 5% as stoploss so that you dont loose more.
  • BETTING ideas for short / Medium term.
  • In this dip buy Pharma , Fertilisers and Pvt. Banks
  • Buy Banks with Insurance division who can comeup with IPO
  • NBFC’s Like IFCI, IDFC, REL. CAP and others for banking license
  • Mineral Stocks as New Mining Policy coming up
  • Retail Stocks and consumer durable on declines such as shoppers stop, Pantaloon and others – FDI in retail

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