Top 10 ways to develop will power!

Top 10 ways to develop will power!    

Here are some simple ways to increase your will power and develop self control
Ashish Virmani

l When you come home dead tired from work and want to flop down on the bed instead of taking a shower… take that shower first before you decide to do anything else.
l Sometimes life can get rough. Take time off to calm yourself and do something that you love doing. Whether it’s only for a few minutes or for a couple of hours, take that time off before hitting reality again.
l If you’re travelling by public transport and an elderly or physically challenged person comes in, get up and give them your seat. Overcoming the resistance in your mind will help you develop control over your thoughts and actions.
l When work is demanding one might feel he/she can take no more of the drudgery. Push yourself for five more minutes beyond your limits before quitting the job at hand and you’ve taken a huge step forward in mastering your mind.
l Develop a spiritual practice such as chanting or meditation that will give you the power to observe your own mind.
l Regular exercise such as yoga or gymming will help your physiology by regulating your heartbeat blood pressure and hormone levels. This also releases feel-good enzymes in the brain, which facilitate mental strength.
l When hunger pangs strike and you’re dying to chomp on some delicious food, delay the food intake by five-10 minutes. Better still, distract yourself with some activity and you will see your will power develop over time.
l Learn to develop a positive mindset. The biggest stumbling block in developing will power is having a negative attitude or a lack of faith in oneself. Learn to be positive both to yourself and to other people.
l When someone is being hurtful and you want to be hurtful in return — or when the time seems just right to say that ‘wrong’ thing to someone you don’t like, control yourself. Try and think of something you actually do like about the person or distract yourself from getting into negative mode in your own way. This will not only prevent you from getting into messy situations but will also give you power over negative thinking.
l Learn not to procrastinate. If something that requires to be done seems intimidating, divide it into small easy-to-manage parts but do it right away.