Scams , corruption and judgements – jagore india jagore

From past many years now India is prooving the world everytime wrong and falseiable in punishing the culprits.
Recent example satyam’s ramlingum raju got bail after 2 years where there is clear cut case of fraud and cheating and many small investors were duped of their life saving earnings and many dedicated employees lost their jobs.
The similar case of enron was in usa and their all involved were punished rigourously and govt helped to recover whatever amounts to investor and employees then.
The recent case of rajratnam the hedge fund fraud who made billions of dollars was convicted in less than a year after his scam was unearthed and is jailed for 11years and huge cash penalty fine.
In india there is no such system as of now as 1993 bomblast case is still running , bofors case nothing happened , laloo’s chara gotola , reddy brothers mining scam , 2gscam , the main blackmoney holders in swiss account still not revealed and every single day u hear a big scam

Anyone ever thought why ? Anyone tried to stop ? No because those who tried were either singled out and were falsely trapped in some cases or were killed the recent journalist of mumbai was killed while unearthing a big scam of blacking on petrol diesel and kerosene.

Now Anna Hazare who led the anti corrupution movement is being harrased by govt. As his aids and collegues are being trapped in one way or the other and their images are being made dirty so that people don trust them.

But if you see and believe people should overlook and join this movement as these people could bring new revolution and they should now pledge in public that the mistakes done by them were of past and now they are about to change the faltu corrupted system. Don’t we want our system clean without any corruption
Every day we pay bribe to get our work done fast as people don’t have time to question these idiots in govt. Offfices

Now make such movements which are in foregin countries like our jan lok pal bill singapore adapted same thing and the corruption over there is 0% and povery on 1% also many depts like municipality and other state run bodies are being made private so they can be accountable.

Hence I request people of india staying in india or abroad to join such movements and help in your way to make our area,society,city,state and our country free from corruption and such criminal politicians make our laws as strict as in middle east or usa where the punishment is kill the culprits immediately as saddam and osama were killed on site and mr kasab is still in lavish jail enjoying 2 crore per month expense on his security this amount from past 2 years if spent on mumbai roads could had made much larger difference so “JAGORE INDIA” this is your last chance if you fail to wake up now your kids and their generation will never forgive you and we may go like african countries.

Don’t close your eyes and walk away from anything happening wrong if you don’t want to get involved there are many media channels who can unearth such crimes just inform them. Use social messaging services like twitter facebook and others and passon whatever is right. Please don’t pass on rumuors please only the fact what u see or what u feel should be posted.

If evryone starts doing this I challenge we can become next singapore in 5 years just keep your eyes and ears open and speak the truth as I always say “BINDASBOL”

If u feel this is worth reading please forward to the people who you can recommend as its high time now.

Jai hind jai bharat