Every year we recommend a sector which out performs others

First Steel in 2009-10

Next Sugar in 2010-11

Next Cotton in 2011-12

Pharma in 2011-12

Now Power 2012/2013.….will it outperform let hope for the best ….As per me worst is almost done may be another 10% max downside because of COLGATE ……but its buying opportunity for POWER and POWER ANCILLARIES stocks …..

One more thing anything to make upward thrust needs to beat gravitational force out means we take a step back  to jump forward or up………just an example of Wockhardt … people fear to touch it at 250 ….and are now ready to pay 1200/- …..its the sentiment ……be smart to pick at good levels and dont be a Herd Follower…….and remember anything to move up takes time nothing comes immediately if it comes then will go immediately.

I gave you the sector now….choose stock wisely

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