Updates on some !nvestment !deas Informed recently

Updates on some !nvestment !deas Informed recently to you on blog …KEEP EYE ON IT 

Jindal Drill – CLICK FOR LINK HERE  informed to keep watch above 290 breakout (our subscribers long from 252 – on 01.10.2012 it broke out and made high of  316……

India CementsCLICK FOR LINK HERE– our clients are long from 82 and informed on blog at 92 made high of 99.75 on 01.10.2012.

BHEL – Reco @ 205-214 to our subscriber –CLICK FOR LINK HERE and posted the updated on blog.

A2Z mines as reco at 58-60 and has runup to 77……CLICK FOR LINK HERE

Now Keep Eye on following

Prime Focus – CLICK HERE FOR LINK  our clients are long from 42 and above 55 on weekly close it will break more.

Fortis healthcareCLICK FOR LINK HERE

Chambal FertilisersCLICK FOR LINK HERE


Other charts are recommended to subscribers not yet posted here due to subscription policy ….it will be posted after 15% run up…. as susbcribers should have edge of !nvestment !deas for what they have paid for……

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