Nifty 2 days 2 great fall of 100 points …why ? how ? now what ?

Nifty 2 days 2 great fall of 100 points …why ? how ? now what ?…catcme

The Rumours going around in general public as follows

1) FII selling in Panic

2) The Rumour of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala’s health is very weak so Major HNI’s who invested through him are pullin out their money and so the stocks in which he invested cracked drastically giving effect to other stocks.

3) BJP’s LK Advani warns alarm bell of Early y election when PM spoke on CII on 3rd April.

4) Rahul Gandhi Speech to CII but Businessmen and Investors not happy with his vague speech…Confidence lost….

5) Some ETF fund of Europe is selling so Market fall …..

6) Earlier Mulayamsingh spooked the market with withdrawal of support but everyone knows his game ???

Now my view is,

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If some STF is selling and 700++ crore of selling in 2 days could drag Nifty down by 200 points what if they come to sell the purschase of just 2012-2013 approx 45000 crore where will be nifty at ???

When panic starts RAT’s always leave the ship early …..and jump into the sea……IF FII’s have bought so huge there must be some reason lets analyse that

9.5% Interest rate on deposit in India – Europe and USA 2%

6% Growth in India – Europe and USA less then 2%

China slowing down Drastically which is other destination then India where FII could Invest t get returns ??? Development of roads and Infrastructure and Manufacturing activity cheapest after China….

Dollar gaining Strength means Commodities crashing and we are importers of Coal, OIL , Gold and other base metals….The Crash means lower Import bills and lower CAD (current account Deficit) and hence lower Fiscal deficit.

Our INTEREST rate Cycle is turning down means cheaper loans to Business which gives higher Return on Equity as debt decreases.

Inflation is becoming stable even after the Diesel Deregulation

3 years of manufacturing cycle is turning up…..

So considering all the above and markets at 5600-5500 levels after the crash from 6100 and Stock prices of 5000-4800 levels and in Midcap 2007-08 levels in many Stock market Fundamentally is at fair valuation ….My view is to start Investing at this levels as major pain is being done unless some major news comes related to early election or war between Korea and USA…..

start buying and investing the market for delivery purpose any thing below 5600 at this stage is panic buy ….The market is Short Squeezing

spring1itself like SPRING ….The more the Spring is Squeezed the higher the jump will come…





see the chart here