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BSE SENSEX and Indices Ratios – are they forming B.U.B.B.L.E. or what they are implying ???

IF YOU LIKE THIS ARTICLE DO SHARE AND ALSO COMMENT FOR ANY OTHER  VALUABLE SUGGESTION Lets Analyse What Sensex and other Major Indices are telling us . Are we in Bubble Zone ready to burst or is the steam still left more to go . which sectors are looking Hot and which are Dumb Sectors. If we analyse with Past 20 years data we could find out many answers. Just […]

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NIFTY – Facing 9000 Resistance, Where its headed ? and where we see it ??

NIFTY – Facing 9000 Resistance, Where its headed ???  is it at turning point …. Lets analyse through Chart readings which is just on assumption basis… Crucial Events – 9th march Exit polls of  UP elections Crucial Events – 13th march UP Election results Crucial Events – 15th march USA Fed hike Now we analyse nifty just on these events and what charts tell us. First we defended 7900 – […]

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