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This is to inform you that I am Not a SEBI registered Analyst. Just  a common man or layman sharing his personal expirience and ideas which i learned over the years from markets.

The Post here in are just my views and my ideas and may/may not turn as depicted. The ideas here so given are not to induce any buy/Sell Recommendation of any kind. This is just for information purpose about what I think of markets. Kindly do Your Due Diligence thoroughly or consult a registered Financial Adviser as per SEBI rules.

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As per publication in the following link of economic times and business standard

“Sebi had issued norms making it mandatory for any person or company seeking to advise investors to be registered with the market regulator for such activities.

The move was part of efforts to bring more transparency into the functioning of the country’s capital market.”I  had raised our query for our general informative blog where we post for informative purpose only  and for the same we are awaiting reply till then we had stop publishing new posts with probable targets in specific on our blog and our twitter ID  and FB page.

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to you but have to comply with SEBI norms and regulations if we fall under that category.

We will continue to inform the trend or publish general data which may be helpful to general public from  time to time but will start our publication of new posts on our informative blog  once we get clearance from SEBI,  we don’t want to break any rules and regulations as specified by SEBI or other market regulator .